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Affordable, Iced Out Rapper Pendants - Drip Your Neck Out For Less!

If you want to rep the same type of iced-out hip hop pendants that your favorite rappers wear - but don’t have the same budget for jewelry that they do - you can still grab a dope necklace here at Hype!

Our selection of rapper pendants features awesome pieces starting at just $25 - some of which you can even customize to get your own name or image on it.

Balling on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your look when you step out. You can still snack necks and catch people's eyes with our stunning, diamond-flooded pendants.

Why Buy Hip Hop Pendants At Hype?

Doing a quick search online will reveal all kinds of different places you can buy cheap pendants. But if you ask any of our customers, they’ll tell you we’re the only place worth shopping at if you’re on a budget but still want quality pieces.

How are we able to offer such high quality at jaw-dropping prices?

It’s because we want to give back and help you look and feel your best without making you spend your rent on a neckpiece. These days, getting a unique pendant is more affordable than ever.

Quality Jewelry Without The Egregious Price Tag

We believe that quality jewelry doesn’t have to be overpriced. While your favorite artists buy their pendants for six figures, you can get yours for under $50 - how insane is that?

It's even more insane once you get your hands on the iced-out pendant and see just how high quality it is. 

We use quality gold or silver, and flood out all our jewelry with dazzling VVS simulate diamonds. When the light hits these, you’ll end up blinding anyone that’s looking at them!

Want A Custom Rapper Pendant?

We have a ton of different rapper pendants available, including our praying hands, heartbreak, and drip star options.

But maybe you’re not seeing something that catches your attention - in that case, consider designing your own custom rapper pendant!

You can add your name or any text you want - or, even an image! This way, you’ll have a truly 1 of 1 piece of jewelry nobody else has - it's truly your own. You get to pick your chain type (gold, silver, Cuban link, tennis), length, whether you want diamonds or not (and what type of diamonds), and other customization options.

Find Other Types Of Jewelry At Prices That Work For You

These iced-out pendants are one of our hottest selling collections here at Hype - but they aren’t the only thing you’ll find here on our online shop.

We offer all kinds of budget-friendly jewelry for you to choose from. This includes rapper bracelets, rapper chains, (and even custom chains!), and even rapper rings! If you’re looking for the types of jewelry your favorite artist's rock without the same price tag, you’ll find it here.

Snag Your Flooded Out Rapper Pendants Today Before Prices Go Up!

These budget-friendly hip hop pendants are flying off the shelves - they’re becoming so highly sought after that we might not be able to keep them at these crazy low prices for much longer.

So if you have your eye on something - don’t waste any time, snag it before it's too late!