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3 products

Design Custom Chains Personalized To Your Unique Style!

We’ve got a ton of dope rapper chains available on our site - but if you’re looking for custom chains, we got you covered there too!

We can personalize a chain just for you with whatever text you want. You can truly make it your own. Your own 1 of 1 piece of jewelry for as little as just $25 - how unreal is that?

Find out for yourself why so many people shop with us and ice their necks out using our chain customizer. Nothing is off-limits - let us make you something you’ve always wanted!

The Benefits Of Customizing Your Chain At Hype

Nobody wants to walk into the club, a party, or their favorite restaurant to see someone rocking the same generic chain they have.

If you want something you can proudly say is one of one, you need to get your own custom chain designed exactly how you want it.

Stretch Your Budget Further While Still Getting A Dope Custom Chain

If you were to go to your local jeweler - or even most places on the internet - that offers custom chains and asked them to quote you, you’d either turn right around and walk out or faint.

Most of us simply can’t afford to drop thousands of dollars on a custom neckpiece - its not realistic. That’s why we’re changing the game with our affordable customized chains. 

These start at just $25, so you can potentially stretch your budget even further and grab more than one! 

We offer free shipping at $100, so if you can get some buddies to go in on an order, your personalized chain costs you even less.

But just because they’re cheap doesn’t mean they’re like the other junk you’ll find online - we use premium metals on these chains and compliment them with dazzling VVS simulate diamonds. The craftsmanship on these chains is as good as you’d expect to see at your local jeweler! 

The Different Types Of Custom Chains We Offer Here

We have three different options you can choose from - a simple personalized necklace, custom bubble letter pendants, or even a photo medallion pendant that you can customize.

You start off by choosing the custom text on your necklace - enter your birth name or your rap name, or whatever phrase you want, really!

You will then get to choose your plating - Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold are all available. From there, it's just a matter of choosing the length of your chain, adding to cart, and letting us get to work on your personalized piece.

On some of these custom pieces, we even let you choose your chain type: You get to pick between free rope, free cuban, 4mm tennis or 5mm tennis. If you’re ordering the photo pendant, you obviously get to upload your photo, too.

Whichever of these three you ultimately decide to build off, you’ll be delighted when you see the finished product.

Your One-Stop-Stop For Affordable, Quality Jewelry

Customizing chains is just one thing we do. Aside from chains, you’ll also find premium jewelry to finish off your look here at Hype, including:

All of these are as affordable as they are quality - you can get something from each of our collections all while still staying within budget!

Get Your Custom Chain Before Prices Go Up!

Whether these custom pieces are for you or you’re looking for a super unique gift idea for that special someone - don’t waste any time getting your customized chain ordered.

These custom chains are affordable - no question. But they’re becoming so popular that we might not be able to offer them at this low of a price forever.

If you’re serious about getting a unique, 1 of 1 chain at prices that are almost too good to be true, you better act quickly!